4 Corner Games April Fools Post

April 1, 2016 – Madison, WI

4 Corner Games LLC today announced details of its upcoming slate of games to release over the next fiscal year ending in March 31, 2017. 4 Corner Games, who last released I’ve Got to Run™: Complete Edition! on the Nintendo 3DS™ eShop on November 13, 2014 in North America, is thrilled to share the results of its hard work over the coming year.

First, fans can expect an update to the title I’ve Got to Run™: Complete Edition! in late April that adds new features such as consumable microtransactions to give players the ability to keep playing where they left off, or to get additional mid-air jumps during runs.

On the topic of these microtransactions, 4 Corner Games sole proprietor Syrenne McNulty said “following the increased popularity of the title over the last year, the best business strategy came to mind following a night of no sleep – internally, we like to refer to the strategy as “monetize teens.””

4 Corner Games also announced the second and third entries of the I’ve Got to… trilogy, the second of which will launch mid-August exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. Titled I’ve Got to Walk!™, the game sees familiar mascot characters Roy and Ren walking through the same six environments as players could experience in I’ve Got to Run™: Complete Edition! This time, however, players will not have to jump, dodge, or cross any obstacles or pits!

Commenting on this, McNulty added “we’ve seen the pejorative term ‘walking simulator’ thrown around a lot in our industry, so we thought it would be fun to take that concept and “walk” with it! Players can expect the same high-quality 3D graphics and sound as in Complete Edition, but this time will be able to experience them at a more leisurely pace as they set their own tempo through the world!”

I’ve Got to Walk!™ will be available mid-August, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS, for the price of $39.99 USD/$44.95 CAD. Fans can look forward to the conclusion of the trilogy, I’ve Got to Dance!™, which is set to launch exclusively on virtual reality platforms in Spring 2017.
Fans can also look forward to more information on Monochrono, the first title in the “4 Corners Series”, at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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