4 Corner Games LLC is an independent video game developer and publisher owned solely by Syrenne McNulty, with no outside stakeholders.

While 4 Corner Games has been involved in a myriad of independently developed video games across a multitude of platforms, from everything from a marketing consultation and technical consultancy on Armillo (Wii U, 2014) to English localization and editing with the scripts of titles like Bit Boy!! ARCADE (Nintendo 3DS, 2014), 4 Corner Games has published two titles previously.

In order to publish its first title, 4 Corner Games developed and released a small independent platformer with I’ve Got to Run! (Wii U, 2014), which was met with a wide array of critical feedback. Later that year, on Nintendo 3DS, 4 Corner Games released I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! (Nintendo 3DS, 2014), an updated version of the title developed natively for the Nintendo 3DS in just four months, doubling the content of the Wii U original, with the only shared assets being outsourced audio.

Even with simple projects to get a foothold in the market, 4 Corner Games delivered fresh innovation with both titles in the I’ve Got to Run! series – specifically the programmatic AI feature that tests all randomly generated code and layouts on the fly to make sure that they are completely doable with the player’s current skillset and abilities. The feature was so popular that the code has since been spun out into platform-agnostic middleware and has been licensed to two unannounced upcoming titles, as well as remaining a feature in future 4 Corner Games projects.

To mourn the passing of one of the most notable figures in the video game industry last year, 4 Corner Games discounted its two games such that the company actively took a loss on every unit sold. While not meant for any ulterior motive, it demonstrated the financial stability of the studio, buying hundreds of players copies of its own games with its own production schedules not being delayed. It additionally added to the mindshare of the company as players were able to relax with simple and engaging endless gameplay.

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Syrenne McNulty is the Sole Proprietor, Business Owner, and Managing Director of 4 Corner Games LLC and all operations and projects thereof. Syrenne attended the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater for a BA in Public Relations, and has been in touch with the gaming industry from a young age. She has strived to work on the cutting edge of technology, developing on platforms such as the Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo’s Wii U system, the Xbox One, the PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation 4, as well as new technologies such as Virtual Reality (with development experience in the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR,) and Augmented Reality with Microsoft’s HoloLens.