4 Corner Games Formally Announces Monochrono™ Prologue, now available

MADISON, Wisc. – In conjunction with the announcement of Monochrono, a multiplatform twinstick shooter releasing in 2017, which was announced at E3 2016, 4 Corner Games is also excited to announce Monochrono Prologue, available now on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Monochrono Prologue tells the backstory behind Monochrono in an ever evolving state. At launch, the story and app are both almost as barebones as it can get, with only one chapter of the story being available to players. More stories and features will be added in as the app evolves, changing the scope of the app, the appearance, and with it, the nature of the story.

More details are available on the official 4 Corner Games website at www.4cornergames.com, and will be coming soon. The only way to experience the full story in the context of the evolving app is to begin reading and follow along with the app as it grows, so fans should not delay! The app can be found on the App Store, and is coming soon to the Google Play store for Android-based mobile devices.


About 4 Corner Games:

4 Corner Games LLC is an independent video game developer and publisher owned solely by Syrenne McNulty, with no outside stakeholders. While 4 Corner Games has been involved in a myriad of independently developed video games across a multitude of platforms, from everything from a marketing consultation and technical consultancy on Armillo™ (Wii U™, 2014) to English localization and editing with the scripts of titles like Bit Boy!! ARCADE™ (Nintendo 3DS, 2014), 4 Corner Games has published two titles previously: I’ve Got to Run!™ (Wii U™, 2014) and I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition!™ (Nintendo 3DS™, 2014).


Monochrono™ is a trademark of 4 Corner Games LLC, ©2014-2017 All Rights Reserved.

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