Announcing the I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! Beta Test

I've Got to Run: Complete Edition!

Hello! Syrenne McNulty from 4 Corner Games here.


You may or may not have heard a lot of news lately regarding the company, and I’ve Got to Run! Well, I’m happy to have saved one more announcement: I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition!, which will be soft-launching later this year for PC, Mac, and Linux before any other system, will have a closed beta test!


I’ve prepared a Q&A below that I believe will answer most questions about this topic. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll be happy to answer!


Q1: What is I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition!? And why is the name so long?

A1: I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! is a multiplatform release of the previously platform-exclusive game I’ve Got to Run! Unlike the original release, I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! comes with all six modes – this includes the Endless Classic, Endless Double, and Endless Special (which have been available since the launch of I’ve Got to Run! on June 5th in North America), as well as Endless Expert, and the recently announced Endless Flip and Endless Flight modes. The PC, Mac, and Linux releases will have these modes, while the other versions in development will contain these six modes, as well as an additional seventh that is unique to each respective platform.


The name is long because I was challenged to throw in more punctuation after gaming sites ignored the punctuation that was already there. True story.


Q2: Isn’t Complete Edition! a single player game? What is there to beta test?!

A2: Well, first things first, 4 Corner Games has one employee – me. Releasing on PC by itself is a struggle, because there are so many combinations and variations of hardware setups that you have no idea what’s going to happen when you release the game to the wild. And of course it’s not just a PC launch – it’s also coming out on Mac and Linux, neither of which I have access to. This is why I need help testing compatibility and performance. I could hire a studio to test for me, but given the small scale of the PC release, it makes sense to offer a closed beta test.


Q3: How will the beta be structured? Will everyone get in? Will testers have access to the entire game?

A3: There will be a few waves of beta tests. To make it clear: no beta tester will have access to more than two modes. The waves of the beta will be set up based on included modes, and NOT based on target platforms. That is, to say, if the first wave was a build containing Endless Classic and Endless Double, then the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of that build would all go out simultaneously as the first wave.


I will try to accommodate as many beta test requests as I can. I cannot and will not, however, promise 100% inclusion in the beta.


Q4: Where can I sign up for the beta?

A4: This is important.You can sign up for the beta right now by filling out the form here.


Q5: So, I signed up for the beta on the above form, but when will I hear back?

A5: If you filled out the form, you’re on record like everyone else. Make sure that you provide your accurate email address so that you can be contacted. The email will come from beta (at) 4CornerGames (dot) com, so please make sure that this email address is not blocked by your email client’s spam filter.


Not everybody will necessarily make it into the beta. Please do not email this email address asking for beta inclusion. Thank you for your understanding.


Q6: Finally, when will the game come out for PC/Mac/Linux, how much will it cost, and how can I get it?

A6: I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition will come out for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms (hopefully) Q3 of this year (meaning some time between July and September) – hopefully early Q3. The price is not decided, but will probably be roughly $3.99, and you will be able to purchase it directly on this site. I am also considering selling the game on the Humble store.



Thanks so much for reading this super long post. Please sign up for the beta, and I hope to get as many people as possible playing!


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